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Prof. Dr. Pradeep Gupta

The entire world is indulged in dealing with the crisis of global COVID-19 pandemic. Countries after countries have started dealing with this deadly outbreak by imposing a nation-wide lockdown. As of 15th May 2020, 4,541,184 confirmed cases and 303,636 deaths are reported globally.1 In India, 82,103 total cases and 2649 deaths are reported as on 15th May, 2020, according to Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.2

Although this lockdown has proved useful in limiting transmission of virus and community spread but in turn, it has created a situation of chaos causing widespread concern, fear and stress in the entire world. Numerous reports around the world are now indicating the mental toll this pandemic will cause. Devora Kestel, Director of World Health Organization’s Mental Health Department while presenting a UN report and policy guidance on Covid-19 and mental health said that an upsurge in the number and severity of mental illnesses is likely, and governments should put the issue “front and centre” of their responses. The report highlighted several regions and sections of societies as vulnerable to mental distress – including children and young people isolated from friends and school, health care workers who are seeing thousands of patients infected with and dying from the new corona virus.

Another such report (released last week jointly by the Well Being Trust and the Robert Graham Center) found that in the U.S. alone, the effects of the virus likely mean that as many as 75,000 more people will die from drug or alcohol misuse and suicide. It’s a huge leap over the roughly 181,000 deaths of despair recorded nationwide in 2018, according to the report. 3

This pandemic has caused a deep mental distress to every human which has been mostly left unseen by everyone. The mental chaos & the social stigma established due to the pandemic will be the foremost thing which has to be removed since it has deep-rooted in the society causing depression, anxiety and even humiliation. As Global Medical facilities have failed to find a cure, population is frightened. There is an apprehension among the people of being separated from their families when they are in quarantine. People are developing depression and suicidal tendency as they are facing problems of unemployment, food scarcity and crippling economic condition. With inclusion of new measures including quarantine, it has affected people’s usual activities, routines or livelihood, resulting in depression and uncertainty about tomorrow, about health and safety of their families, friends and loved ones. All of these are natural reactions to reactions to the changing and uncertain situation that everyone finds themselves in.

Homeopathy has always proven evident in fighting against such pandemic, psychologically distressing conditions and also in convalescents. Our science has established many times that the changes in mind are reflected by the body. Homeopathic medicine has always been a friendly hand in the case of psychological trauma.

It is high time that we should use every effective tool to help the suffering mankind, & play our role as a responsible citizen because it is the virus which should be destroyed and not the emotions; it is the symptoms which have to be removed and not the people.

We have many homeopathic medicines which can liberate the population from all these conditions (either disease or its consequences) at a very low cost making it economically viable for everyone without any side effects or dependency on the drug. In my 35 years of experience as a Homeopathic physician, I have encountered numerous such cases. Although Homoeopathy works on the principal of individualisation and a single remedy can only be found after recording a case properly, I have tried to name a few remedies based on my past experience. To give a brief picture, in a scenario such as this where there is an onset of fear which is sudden, Aconitum Napellus is a useful remedy. Cases where there is a fear of loss of loved ones, grief of losing relatives and family members and where depression sets in Ignatia Amara can be the answer. Cases of apprehension can be cured by Argentum Nitricum or Gelsemium to name a few. Anxiety, fear of loss of wealth, and worrying about future can be treated with Bryonia Alba. As we have seen and heard it on the news, social stigma and isolation are also a result of this pandemic which as a result brings in humiliation, depression and even suicidal tendency. Wonderful Homeopathic remedies such as Aurum Metallicum and Staphysgaria prove to be crucial and the answer in such cases. The reference and information for all the medicines which I have mentioned is widely available in Homoeopathic literature in books namely Materia Medica Pura by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and Keynotes by H.C. Allen.

In these difficult times, we should use the treasures of Homeopathy instead of locking it away in order to maintain the health – mental as well as physical and to maintain the mental calmness of the community. While writing this article I also began to think in the direction of how our psychology affects our susceptibility to Corona virus and various other pathogen. That’s a food for thought and a discussion for later.

Stay safe, stay healthy and remember that physical distancing is not social isolation.


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